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Photo project
2017 (workingtitle) Beauty Takes Time CLICK HERE for info and/or to apply

(doc) Film / TV serie
2018 Radio Voorwaarts
2018 Chasing Windmills
2018 Hirofumi's Suitcase
2017 Onder Dwang
2017 Gebroeders S.
2016 Amen
2016 Generale Repetitie
2016 Black Pawn
2014 De Laatste
2014 Krabbel
2014 De vochtige man
2013 (workingtitle) De Molukse Identiteit

2015 Publication book Utrecht en de Joden isbn: 978-908-2381-900
2014 Publication book Mein heimliches Auge isbn: 978-3-88769-529-3
2011 Publication book 'TROTS!' isbn: 978-90-818196-0-2
2011 Publication book Molukkers in Beeld isbn: 978-90-76729-56-5

2012 Museum Maluku, Utrecht, NL
2011 Rasa, Utrecht, NL
2011 The Call of the Tahuri, Barneveld, NL
2011 Museum Het Domein en Biblionova, Sittard, NL
2011 Biblionova, Geleen, NL
2011 Museum van de Vrouw, Echt, NL
2010 1st price Art & Design Best Western International Contest

Publications, TV & Radio
2018 Interview Radio Bungkus/Oras 20h April 15th
2018 Filmkrant Magazine
2018 Radio 6FM
2018 Filmkrant
2018 Interview in Nieuwsblad voor Huizen
2018 Tifa Magazine
2018 Humans of Film Amsterdam
2013 Interview Vrouw & Passie Magazine editie 7
2012 Interview Live Radio NOS Radio 1
2012 Kebebasan/Freedom Project Poem by Marion Bloem
2011 TV prog. ZOZ VPRO "Molukkers succesvol geïntergreerd of toch niet?"
2011 Interview Live Radio Radio Oras
2011 TV Interview RTV Utrecht
2011 Interview Live Radio Sagu Manta
2011 Interview Live Radio Dicht bij Nederland
2011 Interview BKML
2011 Interview Marinjo Magazine
2011 Talkshow MuMa Proudly Presents: Going Forward
2010 Sogeti Smart Infrastructure campagne

Natasja Pattipeilohy (1981) is the daughter of a Moluccan (former Dutch East Indies)father and a Hungarian-Dutch mother. Raised by her single mother who gave her the chance to see early on much of the world. Probably the reason why she is so hooked on wanderlust? She lived and worked in several countries like Great-Britain, Mexico, USA etc. and is now residing in the Netherlands.

On freelance base Natasja works as a Film Director/Producer and produced several films, in 2018 she received the Award for Best Short Film for her first directing debut film hirofumi's suitcase'Hirofumi's Suitcase' that will go on tour within the Netherlands, and outside this year.

In the year of 2011 she published her first photo book 'TROTS!' which means 'PRIDE!' and it shows the different faces of the Moluccan society living in the Netherlands including their stories. The book is available in every bookstore/library of the Netherlands and Belgium. ISBN: 9789081819602
For larger assignments Natasja will be often supported by Laureen Malawauw or Marcel Salakory.

Natasja is an open-minded and versatile person. Since she was young she was always inspired by the visual language. With her hands-on mentality she like to bring new ideas into practice, nothing is impossible as it remains realistic. She love's leading- guiding- and coordinating impossible projects (and people) from starting up to accompanying a roller coaster ride!
Connecting people, artistic as well corporate, with their abilities and needs is something Natasja does well ,because of her experience in Marketing & Communication and people knowledge. Therefore Natasja can switch and work/deliver fast between levels. A dynamic and flexible environment is where she's at best to organize and keep structure for herself and others, it means that Natasja can easily prioritize in a chaotic environment to stay results oriented.

In her free time Natasja likes to spend time with her family, travel around, ride motorcycle and love to scuba dive and surf on the right spots.