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“Natasja is highly skilled hands on professional film maker. My experience working with her - she is super organized, multi tasking, a clear communicator and prefers to be direct but respectful, she cares a lot about coworkers that creates great atmosphere at set. I really love working with her!”
Kumi Sekimoto, Actress

"Natasja is a passionate woman who lifts up any film production due to her striving eye for direction, her calm yet convincing first AD skills, and ambitious “do it yourself” mentality. I met her in fall 2016 when I production managed a drama pilot for which she was first AD. Ever since we bonded. It is great to have some “balls” and brains around. She gets the job done!"
Angelo Perez Lebbink, Producer

"Natasja is een geweldige persoonlijkheid. Stelt je eenvoudig op je gemak en dan gaat het samenwerken vanzelf. Het is dan ook inspirerend om met Natasja samen te werken. Zij heeft oog voor detail en dat motiveerde mij weer om mijzelf te overtreffen tijdens de photoshoots. Thanks!"
Pieter de Bruin, fotograaf

"Great person! An expert doing her job! Did multiple shoots with Natasja and always had nice results."
Memru Renjaan, producer, www.memrox.com

Natasja heeft vandaag een photoshoot van onze band The Ambo-ina Serenaders gedaan. Het is voor ons een geweldige ervaring haar te leren kennen als fotografe. In betere handen kan de photoshoot niet zijn. Vooral haar kennis en overzicht op de compositie vind ik geweldig. Natasja bedankt en hopelijk tot de volgende photoshoot. Sterkte en succes met je volgende boek. With love The Ambo-ina Serenaders band, Tjack

"Geweldige powervrouw shoot gehad bij Natasja! Ondanks dat ik geen ervaring als model had wist zij met geweldig advies en passie het beste in mij naar boven te halen! Ik houd Me aanbevolen voor toekomstige shoots!"
Jasmijn Dijk

"Natasja is an excellent professional photographer with tons of experience with clients. From the very first encounter she was able to translate what we were looking for. Great communicator and able to direct the subject in order to obtain the best results!"
Bianca Lecompte, photographer, www.biancalecompte.com

"Top fotografe! Heel erg fijn om mee samen te mogen werken :)"
Esmeralda Groenendal, MUAH

Natasja is a very professional and sophisticated person. She has great eyes for detail but can also keep the bigger picture. I have worked with Natasja at Sogeti on some communications activities. She is open minded but has her own clear opinions. Next to Sogeti I have worked with her on her book "TROTS! 60 jaar Molukkers in Nederland", there she has demonstrated great creativity but also a strong sense of community participation. If you are looking for creativity, professionalism and someone that sets high goals (and achieves them) then Natasja is your woman!
Maarten Oosterbaan , Service Transition Manager

"Great photographer and awesome person! :) I did a photoshoot on horseback on the beach by Natasja. Nothing was forced and it all went very smooth and natural. The end result was amazing! Beautiful spontanious pictures, none of them posed but all caught in the moment. Thanks Natasja!"
Anouk Pattipeilohy

"Geweldige fotografe! Heb met veel enthousiasme aan haar projecten mee gewerkt en daardoor ook heb ik weer een uitgebreider portfolio op kunnen bouwen en kunnen werken met nog meer geweldige mensen. Dank je wel dat ik je heb leren kennen lieverd!! En tot snel weer!!"
Yvette Ipsen-Siebens, MUA, www.beautysalonyv.nl

"Professionalism, creativity, pinpoint accuracy and reliability, flexibility and personal touch - this is photography at its best - courtesy of Natasja.
Natasja's approach to work and people around her is refreshing and inspiring at every level."

Paul Gorovoy, Medical Translator

"I had the opportunity to assist natasja during several of her photoshoots for her project called ' TROTS'. Natasja is very talented, focused when photographing and she knows what she wants and how she wants it. But she also takes time to listen to the story behind te people to make sure she captures them as who they are truly are. It was great seeing her at work and i learned a lot from her as well."
Laureen Malawauw

"When I worked with Natasja on one of the shoots for her book TROTS!, the thing I enjoyed most was her openness toward incorporating my personal ideas into the concept of the shoot. In my opinon art has to be raw and honest and Natasja took the time to get to know the story behind the 'subject' that she was shooting: me. But also in the process of creating the composition for the shot, she was very open to suggestions and ideas. She is very friendly, charming and professional. She knows what she wants, works hard and is very pleasant to work with."
Vangelis Sopamena, singer songwriter

"When we worked with Natasja for our booklet' Molukkers in Beeld' she proved herself to be a creative photographer with a distinct personal style that makes her work recognizable. Her flexibillity and creativity contributed to the satisfying result of our project. Besides being a professional, Natasja's personality makes her an excellent business partner to work with!"
Wim Manuhutu, guest lecturer, http://manu2u.com

"Natasja is a very pleasant photographer to work with, she is patient, kind, relaxed and makes fantastic photo's. Working with her is great!"
Annelies Kassels, spraytan & MUA